Yekaterinburg, Ural Our 1st Stop

On our Trans-Siberian train trip, we made our first stop at Yekaterinburg, located in the middle of the Eurasian continent on the border of Europe and Asia. Founded by the Russian Emperor Tsar Peter the Great, and it is here that the last Emperor Nicholas II and his family were executed.

EkatEkaterinburg is 1778 km east from Moscow and 2299 km from Saint Petersburg and 3375 km west of Irkutsk, one of the main Siberia city.

How We Got There from Moscow

Trans-Siberian railway connects Yekaterinburg and other cities of the Ural and far east with Moscow. Besides the railway, Koltsovo international airport also works as a hub to the major cites in Russia. We took the 26 hours journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg by Ural Express Eastbound train.

Top Things to Do 

Visit the Church on the Blood

Visit the Church on the Blood located on the historic site of the execution of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, who abdicated after the February Revolution. It is called the ‘bloody’ Church because, alongside the king’s wife, five children and their servants were also murdered. They were shot, cut into pieces, and thrown away near the town. It is the most visited site in Yekaterinburg.

The church on the Blood, Yekaterinburg
Church on the blood – on the site where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered.

See Yekaterinburg’s skyline from its tallest observation deck

The open observation deck located on the 52nd floor of the business center Vysotsky, at the height of 186 meters, offers a stunning panorama of the city that extends over 25 kilometers and captures not only the Ural capital but also its satellite cities Berezovsky and Aramil.

Yekaterinburg, Russia
Visotsky Business Center Lookout – A nice viewpoint to observe the whole city from the 52nd floor

Exploring Historical Square

We started our Red Line walking tour right from Historical Square, one of the major city landmarks established in 1723. Once at the Historical Square, don’t miss to explore the century-old dam, then stop by the Ural National museum and the open-air museum of Machinery, walk through the park of massive rocks, and check out the Water Tower.

Yekaterinburg Historical Square
Yekaterinburg Historical Square

Water Tower at Historical Squire

The historic Water Tower was first built in the 1880s to service Ekaterinburg’s railway workshops, which emerged in the place of the manufacturing factory and former monetary yard at that time. It is one of the Ekaterinburg’s most famous landmarks. The hexagon wooden tower was founded on granite blocks that look unique, and they did an excellent job protecting its originality.

Water Tower in Yekaterinburg
The water tower at the Historical Squire in Yekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Monument to Fathers-Founders of Ekaterinburg -Tatischev and DeHeninn

Monument to Fathers-Founders of Ekaterinburg

The next favored attraction is right next to the historic square, the tall and majestic figures of Vasil Tatischev (Russian) and William D’Henin (Dutch) standing next to each other, symbolizing their mutual efforts and hard work to build the city.

The Iset River Embankment

Walking along the riverbank was interesting. The Iset river is beautiful that has become the foundation point of Ekaterinburg. It is the most popular and truly romantic place, especially in the Summer—a great place to stroll day or night. 

Ekaterinburg Iset River, Russia
Ekaterinburg Skyline from other sides of the Iset River

Square of 1905 Revolution

We followed the red line and ended up at the central square, where the first Russian revolution took place in 1905-1907. Right by the city hall can’t miss the vast Stalin’s statue or the open-air market.

1905 Square named after the 1905 Revolution
1905 Square named after the 1905 Revolution

Alexandr Pushkin Monument

Later ended up at Pushkin Monument, which was created by the talented artist G. A. Gevorkyan to capture the moment of a gifted poet.

poet Alexandr Pushkin, Yekaterinburg, Russia
The Monument to the great Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin at the Literary Quarter in Yekaterinburg

The Literary Quarter

The historic heart of the city is the Literary Quarter filled with restored wooden buildings dedicated to Ekaterinburg’s literary heritage, and it should be easy to find if you walk along the Red Line.

Literary Quater Yekaterinburg, Russia
At the Literary Quarter examples of the old wooden homes owned by the famous

Asia and Europe Border Line

Its about 17 – 20 km drive from the city, the drive itself was scenic, and yes we definitely circle the two continent three times.

Asia and Europe border, Yekaterinburg, Russia
At the Borderline between Asia and Europe

Sevastyanov Estate

Sevastyanov Estate is probably one of the most fabulous places next to the Historical Squire; initially, it was built for a passing rich merchant N. Sevastyanov, who had earned tremendous wealth providing military supplies for the Crimean War.

Sevastyanov's House in Yekaterinburg, Russia
Sevastyanov’s House – Historical building in neo-gothic style in Yekaterinburg, Russia

The Red Line Walking Tour

Red Line Walking Tour of Yekaterinburg is a pedestrian tourist route in Yekaterinburg’s historical center, designated by a special red marking on the asphalt. The route is 6.5km long and is a circle so that you will return to the same place where it started. Thirty-five interesting sights are marked using specific numbers, and they range from monuments and merchant estates to entire streets and squares.

Ekaterinburg, Russia
Walking street – At a corner in Ekaterinburg

Food I Tried in Yekaterinburg

There are many places in Yekaterinburg for an elegant dining experience. Try their special fresh oysters Gilardo, sea-dog fillet with false asparagus risotto, potato soup with octopus and brie cheese, or something extraordinary such as leg of rabbit with artichokes and baked apple.

Joining Back Trans-Siberian Express Train # 002

Even though a journey on the Trans-Siberian Express # 002 is the longest train ride in the world but for us, it’s only 48 hours from Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk. This express train is decorated in a typical Russian style, including its trademark gold and red colors. The train is considered one of the best trains in Russia in terms of service, friendliness of staff, and service.

The train has 1st and 2nd class compartments. Each compartment also has a TV. The train also has a nice dining car that has a special menu for the passengers.

Ekaterinburg Train Station, Russia
Trans-Siberian Express – Train #2 at Yekaterinburg Train Station

Where to Stay in Yekaterinburg

On your Trans-Siberian railway trip, this city is the ideal place to pause for a day or two. There are many 3-star affordable hotels available here, depending on the time of the year the rate varies between US$ 40 – 60

Yekaterinburg-Tsentralny Hotel, 74 Malysheva Street, Yekaterinburg

The staff was friendly and helpful, the rooms comfortable and clean, although the double beds are on the small side. The breakfast was very good, and there is an adequate bar in the reception area. Great location close to all activities.

Tsentralny Hotel in Yekaterinburg

Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg, Mamina Sibiryaka 98, Yekaterinburg

Numerous old historic buildings and rivers nearby and plenty of restaurants and a supermarket. US$ 58

My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Yekaterinburg, Russia? Any cool tips to share?

I loved my short stop in Yekaterinburg on my Trans-Siberian train trip and want to go back again. Hope my story has motivated you to visit. 

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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