From Vienna Meidling Train Station taking a train to Budapest. Departure time at 4:03 and expected to arrive in Budapest at 7:30 PM in about 3.5 hours. Bought a 2nd class ticket for Euro 38.40. About 1 hour into the journey we entered in Hungarian side of the border. The train journey was enjoyable and much comfortable than I anticipated. We arrived at Budapest Station at 7:40 pm, soon I got out of the train, approached by many individuals for different kind of service like a hotel, tour, taxi etc. As usual, I ignored all and started looking for the information center, could not find one. Few other tourists had the same issue finally came to know there is no information available for tourist in that station.

Had no local currency (Hungarian Forint) with me so did not have any other choice but to exchange $20 knowing that I was being ripped off. Headed to the taxi stand as my destination was 12 – 15 mins driving distance from the train station. At that time of the late afternoon did not want to spend much time locating tram going that direction, language was also another reason. Few taxi drivers approached me but had to turn down their offer as it sounded too expensive for me. 6000 – 9000 HUF ($ 25 – 40) did not sound right to me. Went back inside the station to a travel agency which was still open at that time, a beautiful girl at the counter helped me by calling a taxi. I was surprised it cost me only 1000.00 HUF ( $ 4.50).


Went out for dinner, noticed many nice restaurants to chose from around the Service apartment. The place was walking distance for Grocery supermarket also close to Hard Rock Cafe and the Danube river.


During my stay in Budapest, I woke up very early in the morning on a regular basis and cover many places on foot. It’s a beautiful and big city, so decided to take a city tour using Hop-on Hop-off bus for the first day and once I had an idea I was doing my own according to my plan. To travel in the city I used tram a lot, bought a valid ticket for 24 hours which was very convenient to move around and fewer worries of getting lost.


I had tried much local food, wine, beer and enjoyed a lot talking to local people. It was a memorable trip for me. Wish to go back again if I get another opportunity.

Arrived at the All-4-U Apartments, it was a nice well-furnished apartment with all the necessary amenities in the apartment including washer m/c.

Where Did I Stay in Budapest

All 4 U Apartments Agape, Budapest, Holló Street, Hungary

Pictures that will tell the story of my trip:

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