I was staying at City Hotel Portus currently known as Hestia Hotel Seaport, next to Tallinn port terminal D, and a 15 minutes walking distance from Viru Keskus in the old town. It is the heart of Tallinn, a great place to be while in town. On a Sunday morning, streets were packed with tourists, especially day-trippers from Helsinki, but that did not bother me. I just wanted to take a stroll through the cobblestone narrow streets and alleys and trying to enjoy the moment.

Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
Early morning view of Old Town Tallinn, Estonia

The old town of Tallinn has undoubtedly gained its popularity among travelers due to its dreamy fairytale-like image. This UNESCO protected medieval masterpiece, is well preserved. The narrow cobblestone streets filled with the church towers, restaurants, cafes, historic architecture, and red colored roofs that can be seen from a far distance is among the many attributes that contributed to its popularity.

A view of Old Town Tallinn, Estonia

To enjoy the old town you simply need to just take a stroll through the narrow alleys and streets and try to find your way out after getting lost. I have discovered many wonderful hidden gems just by doing the unplanned aimless stroll.

Old Town Tallinn
While walking through the old town I came across many historical sites
Old Town Tallinn
I had to opportunity to climb some of the towers for a beautiful view.

When my feet got tired of walking on the cobblestone street for a while, I found Cafe hidden from the usual day trippers and enjoyed coffee while chatting with the locals. Discovered 18th century Cathedrals that was never on my to-do list.

While walking through the narrow alleys I was able to take beautiful shots of a towering church visible through the opening.

Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
Early Sunday morning street activities in Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
Church Towers visible through the narrow street opening!

Nothing could beat the joy of climbing to the upper ground for a beautiful view of the old town.

While walking through the medieval streets I couldn’t resist making frequent stops to enjoy the talented street-side musicians playing traditional songs.

Street music in old town tallinn
Street music in Old Town Tallinn, Estonia

My Opinions and Tips

It’s good to bring a few essential items such as swimwear, shorts, t-shirt, beach towel, sunglasses, sunblock, light footwear, camera and extra cash for tips and Sooners.

Have you been to Tallinn, Estonia? Any cool tips to share?

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