New York City gains its holiday charm during the month of December. It is the most desired time to visit big apple among locals and tourist alike. 

Rockefeller Plaza – Christmas Tree and the popular Skating Ring!

It’s the 3rd week of December time for me to pay a traditional 4:00 am a visit to NYC and stroll around Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, NY Traditional Christmas Tree, Time Squires and many more interesting places that are in my must visit holiday list.

Beautiful and unique things can be seen in Manhattan during the holiday season

This Saturday morning Dec 19, 2015, was the perfect moment for me. After the few days of the rain crystal clear sky is back to welcome winter visitors and the holiday atmosphere was perfect for the last weekend just before the Christmas.

New York City, NY - USA
Holiday spirit on Fifth Avenue (Saks Christmas Window), New York

At 4:00 am it was about 32 deg Fahrenheit ( 0 deg Celsius ) so had to bundle up really well since you feel much colder in Manhattan due to wind chill factor. Believe me those winds funnels through that skyscraper like a snake.

New York City, NY - USA
Rockefeller Center and the Christmas Tree in New York!

So early in the morning, it’s little less crowded, but you will be surprised to see many divergent people like me roaming around with a camera in their frozen hand in the middle of the night whereas the entire nation is in deep sleep.

New York City, NY - USA
Windows that will bring back your attention towards life by Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Lord & Tailor at 39th and 5th. Ave, Saks Fifth Avenue at 49th. and 5th. Ave, Macy’s at 34th. and B’way was one of the many stores that definitely raised the bar of NYC holiday tradition by decorating storefront windows that excited my expectation. It was an unbelievable experience to see the beautiful Christmas tree decorated so magnificently and walking around the Rockefeller Center. To see the deserted ice skating ring can’t be experienced during the regular day.

New York City, NY - USA
St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City

I strongly suggest you see NYC in the early morning especially during the holiday season and enjoy the beauty of it that would be very hard to experience during the usual day.

New York City, NY - USA
Another holiday decoration by Saks Fifth Avenue – that makes me proud.
New York City, NY - USA
Only a few more days to go until the ball drop at Times Square, New York City
New York City, NY - USA
At 6th. Avenue going up at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning, New York City


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