If you are touring Morocco then unquestionably you have to make the journey to see the immense dunes of Sahara Desert. There is absolutely nothing like the excitement of going up a soaring Sahara desert sand dunes at sunset to see the sundown sitting on a camelback, or hire an ATV and cruise through the sand dunes up and down where there is no stop sign that can stop you. All you will hear is the sound of blowing wind and contemplate the magnificent view of moving sands.

Plan Your Trip

How Do I Get to there

The Best way to get there from Marrakech is to hire a tour guide with a 4×4. We took a 4 days trip which was incredibly exciting. This desert trip was a highlight of our Morocco visit and highly recommend Eco Desert Morocco tour to anyone planning a desert trip in Morocco.  

CTM Bus is well connected in Morocco, so it’s an economic and comfortable way to travel between major destinations. Before embarking on your next trip check the bus schedule as it may change frequently.

Where To Stay

Sahara Desert Luxury Camp, Merzouga village, 52202 Merzouga, Morocco

The desert luxury camp where we stayed during our Sahara desert trip, was surrounded by rolling sand dunes of Erg Chebbi with an excellent view of early morning sunrise and sunset. Getting to this camp from Merzouga the nearest town in Sahara was adventurous. Camel ride about 2 hours will take you there, that includes climbing to the top of relatively higher dunes for a better view of the sunset in the Sahara desert.

Early morning view of desert luxury camp from the tip of a sand dune

Nomad Palace, Ctra. Merzouga – Taouz, km,7, 52202 Merzouga, Morocco

It’s a great place to stay close to Erg Chebbi sand dunes. I could see the dunes from the pool area. The rooms were spacious and clean. The chef took extra care of our food and cooked based on our preference. 

Nomad Palace, Merzouga
A view of the sand dunes from Nomad Palace pool area.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the desert is during Autumn (September to October) when temperatures are very pleasant. Spring between March to May is also a terrific season to enjoy the fantastic view of flowers and plants in the desert and around sand dunes. 

We visited in the 3rd week of December, it was very cold especially in the morning and late afternoon. 

Top Things To Do In Merzouga

We arrived Merzouga at 4 pm; it’s a small village at the edge of Erg Chebbi dunes, which reaches as high as 150 meters and altogether spans an area of 22 kilometers from north to south and up to 5-10 kilometers from east to west. Only about 40 kilometers southeast of Rissani, about 55 kilometers from Erfoud, and about 20 kilometers from the Algerian border. 

1. Sahara ATV Quad Adventure in Erg-Chebbi Sand Dunes

We rented a Moto Quad/ATV for two hours, and the timing was perfect as at the end of the ride will be able to observe sunset from the top of the highest dunes. Did not see much tourists around for this adventure as the winter temperatures were cold slightly about 10º C and winds usually picks up pretty strong. 

After going up and down through numerous dunes, our guide finally took us to the very top of a much higher one, from where we had the most spectacular view of the area. Not a single person in the area all we could hear was the sound of the wind what and shifting sands an experience totally unforgettable. This exciting adventure is a must-do venture if you are in Merzouga.

Erg Chebbi
No one was around only the wind and the blowing sands, a great way to experience the adventurous ATV ride.

2. Visiting Nomad Tent

Our 4-wheeler crosses over rolling dunes bounce over peaks and plunge down steep elevations. What an adventure in the heart of the Sahara desert. No trip to the Sahara desert would be complete without visiting a traditional Nomad village. Our guide stopped by a tent. We met a friendly lady, a single mother who cooked wood-fired Berber pizza for us along with mint tea and snacks. Sitting on the ground inside the traditional tents, I enjoyed the fantastic desert view of rolling dunes stretching as far as my eyes could reach.

A view from a Nomad village tent, having a mint tea and Berber pizza.

3. Visit The Village of The Blacks

The Gnaoua tribe and its music have its origins in an area from Sudan. Visiting a village just 7 km from Merzouga was exciting. Many of the black Berber still lives there where we enjoyed their traditional dance and music.

black berber
The Gnaoua tribe (black Berber) dancing with the music

4. Visit Dayet Srji salt lake, just west of Merzouga

The Dayet Srji salt lake is in Tamzgidat village, close to Merzouga. Even though there is not much rain in that area but still the lake gets water fed from the High Atlas Mountains enough for local bird populations, including flamingos.

Dayet Srji salt lake
A great day trip location to Dayet Srji salt lake just a few miles from Merzouga

5. Camel Ride To Watch Sunset in Erg Chebbi

We started our Camel-Trek at 3:30 pm, perfect timing to watch the sunset towards the end of our 2 hours trip then head to the desert camp in the middle of the desert surrounded by dues where we will be staying overnight.

Soon my camel stood up, I was little uncomfortable sitting on a camelback so high above from the ground and making sure I don’t fall. Eventually, I got used to it. After a while, my butt started hurting but still, it was a lifetime experience that I would not hesitate to do it again.

We crossed numerous dunes ups and downs until we arrived at the top of a much higher dune. From there we had a spectacular view of the sunset. After watching the sunset the cold wind started getting stronger but we continue our came journey despite the freezing cold and finally arrived at our desert camp.
Even though after while my butt started hurting but still it was a lifetime experience that I would not hesitate to do it again.

sunset in Erg Chebbi
Beautiful view of the sunset in Erg Chebbi and Camel Ride

6. Sunrise Camel-Trek – Erg Chebbi Dunes

It was a cold night I would say freezing cold, we spent much of the night outside in the desert watching stars and trekking and less sleeping inside the tent. So it was difficult for us to wake up early in the morning when the camel man knocked our door for a wake-up call. Early morning camel-trek started at 6 am. We climbed on one of the hights dunes and watched one of the most amazing sunrises of our life.

Sunrise Camel-Trek
A view of a huge golden sand dune while doing early morning camel trek

7. Visit an Oasis in Merzouga

Oasis Merzouga is located on the most beautiful dunes of Erg Chebbi. While staying in a desert camp nothing can be more exciting than visiting one of the oasis nearest you. 

Oasis Merzouga
Beautiful view of Oasis Merzouga in the middle of Sahara desert

8. A Quick Stop at Traditional Market in Rissani

The Rissani is a small town only 25 miles (42 km) from Merzouga so, we decided to pay a visit to a market that is known as one of the most important markets in the region, both in terms of nature, architectural, and strategic location occupied by or given the volume of trade and craft activities.

Market in Rissani
A typical view of people moving around in a Market in Rissani

9. Step Away From Sightseeing, Just Have Some Exotic Food

We decided to pause our sightseeing activities instead to do something special and exciting. We stopped at one of the local butcher shops and bought enough fresh Beef and Lamb meat as they were cheap, then a quick stop to a liquor store for a local wine to stock up. Later in the afternoon headed to our desert camp for a wood fire BBQ. The camp chef marinated the meat with the local spices and prepared the grill. I tell you what it was one of the best food I ever had, was so delicious.  

Moroccan Food
Bought fresh meat and have them grill for us with local spices – delicious !

10. Try Some Moroccan Traditional Food and Drinks

Take a break and try some Moroccan Lamb Tagine,   

Lamb Tagine
Lamb Tagine – Traditional Moroccan food

Berber wood fire pizza was delicious, definitely need to try.

Berber pizza
Wood fired Berbera – Moroccan delicacy

My Opinion and Tips

Have you been to Merzouga? Any additional tips to share?

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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Here is a short video of our trip to give you an idea of Sahara and Erg Chebbi sand dunes. All Sot with GoPro.

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