The Historic Trip to Cairo

Egypt is undoubtedly the most epic trip of a lifetime. It is known for its great Nile river, endless desert, incredible history, ancient treasures, warm sun, and sandy beaches. Therefore, whether you are looking to spend time at the Great Pyramids of Giza or sailing across the Nile in Luxor, or relaxing at Sharm el-Sheikh, you will definitely have a unforgettable experience.

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Things to do in Cairo

I have taken a guided private tour through the hotel, a nice fellow picked me up with a car that may scare you but to me that one was the perfect fit for the chaotic streets of ancient Cairo. The driver come a guide was with me all day and drove me around all possible places that are not only on my list but also recommended by him.

Visiting Pyramids in Giza

Pyramids at Giza built Four thousand years ago, just imagine two million stones, two tons each, carved, transported, and then stacked high…all so a king could take his stuff into the next life.

The pyramids at Giza in Cairo.

In my first week in Egypt, I have noticed that most of the great ancient sites were not so crowded, only a handful of tourists. You could tell by seeing the Giza parking lots, once filled with big tour buses, are now empty. Even my fellow countryman is pretty susceptible to scary TV coverage.

Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt

Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza is the iconic landmark of Egypt. A must-see statue of a man and the body of a lion o protect the tomb of Khafre; definitely, a visit to Cairo is incomplete without seeing it.

Cairo, Egypt

Scary Experience Going inside the Pyramid

It was a little scary to go inside the 4,000-year-old tunnel, the spectacle and wonder of Egypt’s ancient sights are even more apparent when you are deep inside a pyramid and no one around you.

Inside the 4,000-year-old pyramid

Taking a Camel Ride

It was a hot summer day, and Sun was stronger than ever, a perfect desert environment to experience a camel ride for the first time in my life. At first, it took me a while to get used to it, but eventually, I started loving it.

First time in my life I am sitting on a Camelback, imagine the feelings!

Visit Souk Market

For souvenirs and other bargains, the Souk, one of the oldest open-air markets, is the best place to be. The place is crowded, so be extra careful. Interestingly there are several restaurants, cafes, and shisha places to keep you entertained.

souk market
Souk Market in Cairo Egypt

Check Out Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque

The mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, also known as Alabaster Mosque, is located within Salah al-Din’s Citadel. It worth seeing one of the most renowned historical landmarks in Egypt while visiting Cairo.

Muhammad ali pasha mosque
The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Visit The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

The Museum of Egyptian Antiques is a great place to learn more about Egyptian history. It is home to an extensive collection of over 120000 exhibits and many precious Pharaonic artifacts.

Museum of Egypt
Egyptian Museum Antiquities one of the most famous museums of the world

Beautiful Mosque Ibn Tulun in Cairo

The Mosque of Bin Tulun is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt. It was initially built in 876 by the Turkish governor. Located only 3 miles from Tahrir Square.

Mosque Ibn Tulun
Mosque Ibn Tulun in Cairo city, Egypt

Nile River Dinner Cruise

After a long day of sightseeing, it is more relaxing to enjoy the Nile River Cruise, watch belly dance while enjoying a delicious open buffet dinner.

A night in the river Nile
A night in the river Nile

Where to stay in Cairo

Comfort Pyramids Inn, Giza, Cairo

Comfort Pyramids Inn is located in Giza and only 1,000 feet from Great Sphinx. The Hotel provides accommodations with free bikes, free private parking, a bar and a terrace. Around 0.8 mi from Giza Pyramids, the property is also 8.1 mi away from Cairo Tower and offers free WiFi.

Pyramids Eyes Hotel, Giza, Cairo

Pyramids, Eyes Hotel, Located 1.1 mi from Giza Pyramids, Pyramids Eyes Hotel in Cairo offers a terrace. Conveniently located in the Giza district, the property is located 1.4 mi from Great Sphinx and 8.1 mi from Cairo Tower.

My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Cairo, Egypt? Any cool tips to share?

I loved being in Cairo and want to go back again. Hope my story has motivated you to visit Egypt. 

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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