Day Trip to Lake Baikal and Listvyanka

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Day Trip to Lake Baikal and Listvyanka

Listvyanka is an urban locality in Irkutsky District of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, located 70 kilometers from Irkutsk, near the point where the Angara River meets Lake Baikal. The village of wooden houses beside Lake Baikal, is the most popular tourist destination on the lake.

The main part of the village is set back from the lake in a valley, while the strip along the shoreline has largely been developed for tourism.

Getting There & Around

Private taxi is available from any hotel, or you just walk out to the street and you find few outside your hotel. Cost would be somewhat similar to the below list:

From Destination Distance Total Price in R/US$
Irkutsk Train Station Any Place in Irkutsk   500/7.50 by Car / Meeting Sign
Irkutsk City Listvyanka Village 70 km 2500/38.00 by Car – Up to 3 Persons
Irkutsk City Sludyanka Town 106 km 5000/75.00 by Car

Scenic Highway from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal/Listvyanka

What to See in Listvyanka and Lake Baikal

Visit The Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography

On the way to Listvyanka there is an open-air museum called Taltsy. This ethnographical museum is one of the largest museums of the wooden architecture in Siberia which is about 47 km from Irkutsk. It was founded on October 13, 1966. The reconstruction of museum was begun in 1970 by group of specialists. The museum includes three historical and cultural zones: the Russian, the Buryat, the Evenk. It got unique collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of 17 – 20th. centuries.

The most valuable monuments in Taltsy are the Savior’s gate tower of the strong (fort) of Ilimsk (1667) and an active Kazan Chapel (1679). Both of them, as well as the houses near the Angara Floodlands, were transferred to this place from the flooded areas of the Ust-Ilimskaya. 


At Taltsy Museum this is one of the exhibits of Wooden Architecture brought from different part of Siberia.


The fort of Ilimsk, 1667

Baikal Museum (51°52′6.54″N , 104°50′11.73″E)

Baikal museum is dedicated to collect, store and share the knowledge about lake Baikal. It has 3 main themes: 1) geology, landscapes and live creatures of the lake.

Listvaynka village, Akademithceskaya street, 1

Chersky Stone Hill Lookout Point (51°52’22″N 104°50’37″E)

The Chersky Stone is the 755 m hill top, from where you could enjoy stunning view of the Southern part of Baikal, port Baikal, Khamar-Daban mountain range.

You need to drive uphill about 2 km then get on the cable car to get to the top, the ride is quite scenic. The short walk to the lookout is easy and at the top you have a spectacular view over Lake Baikal to Port Baikal. There is a cafe with a terrace at the top, if you are interested to relax and spend some time up there.

Cable car to to the top to the viewpoint for a spectacular view of Lake Baikal and Port Baikal

Cable car to to the top to the viewpoint for a spectacular view of Lake Baikal and Port Baikal

This was definitely an UNFORGETTABLE memory

of my lifetime!


A beautiful view of the Port Baikal, the lake and the mountain range in the horizon.

Fish market and souvenirs

Located in Listvyanka village by the Lake Baikal. The local market by the lake was interesting. It was fun to see people selling smoke fish, dried and steam fish special the local catch from the lake baikal called Omul fish that can be found only in Lake Baikal. So I did not hesitate to spend much time but to try all kind of Omul delicacy offered by the locals.


Her specialty is Omul Smoked Fish (fresh catch from the lake)

Trying out the local smoked Omul fish – was amazing

A restaurant located next to Podlemorie Hotel is Sval Restaurant known for its great fish menu. During the summer people can seat outside and there is even a sauna, so you can have a drink there after the relaxing banya sauna time.
Gorkogo Street 31, 664520 Listvyanka (near Podlemorie hotel, on Baikal lake shore)
Горького ул, 31, Листвянка


The Restaurant known for its great fish menu particularly The Omul fish.

The Omul fish soup looks very simple but the taste was unbelievably delicious. I enjoyed every drop of it. By the way they are so busy don’t even have time for you to pay any special service or attention so before you start to order just make up your mind exactly what you really want otherwise you are inviting discomfort.


The local delicacy Omul Fish Soup

A boat excursion in the lake and around Listvyanka

At the main peer, you can rent private boats or use regular public boats to visit Bolshie Koty (18km, 30 min one way) and Sandy Bay – Bukhta Peschannaya (90km, 2 hr one way) or visit port Baikal (25 min one way)

The ferry to Port Baikal (departs from the Baikal Museum peer, Listvyanka) is also available for a scenic ride. We rented a speed boat to move around.


It was not comfortable at all in that red jacket under the Sun top of your head.

Get Close to Shaman Rock where Angara river meets Lake Baikal

Shamon-rock is a subject of many popular legends and myths about Baikal Lake and Angara river, besides it is one of the main symbols of Baikal Lake. according to one legend furious Baikal threw this rock after his daughter (the Angara River) to prevent her from running away without his permit to her beloved Enisey River


Shaman-Rock where Angara River meets Baikal Lake

Saint Nicolas Church

Listvyanka’s small mid-19th-century timber Church of St. Nicholas was built by Russian merchant, Ksenofont Serebryakov. Less than a mile away from the lake may be a spot you should not miss. A legend says that he had nearly drowned during a heavy storm on Lake Baikal and decided to build a church in honour of St. Nicholas, the patron and defender of sailors and fishermen.


Church of Saint Nicolas in Listvyanka Village, Russia

Hiking Along the Circum-Baikal railway Track

Hiking along the Baikal lake following the railway track was interesting and fun. It was a 5 km stretch and on the way encounter lot of wonderful scenic view. We started our speedboat journey from Listvyanka and were dropped off by the southern shore of Lake Baikal at about 5 -6 km towards Slyudyanka (a lake side village). Then we started our hiking along the Cicum-Baikal railway track 


Just look at the view – it took my breath away!

While walking along the railway track we went through few tunnels and those flies did not stop following us until we reached Port Baikal. I got few bites but hey it was part of our adventure.

Hiking along the Picturesque Circum-Baikal railway Track 

Hiking along the Picturesque Circum-Baikal railway Track

Listvyanka Hotel 

Krestovaya Pad, Gornaya ul., 14А, Listvyanka, Irkutsk Oblast

Overlooking Lake Baikal, this rustic hotel complex is an 11-minute walk from the Business Information Center of Baikal National Park, 2.4 km from Baikal Museum and 7 km from Baikal train station.


A view of Port Baikal from the Angara River (from Shaman Rock)

Port Baikal

Just the other side of the Angara river you could get to by ferry or by renting a private speed boat. It’s beautiful to spend some time there. The railway museum is one of the attraction in Port Baikal.

Fishing boats at Port Baikal

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