More than any other town in California, Three Rivers, though a small village, hosts millions of visitors year round! Tourists from out of state and even from other countries flock to Three Rivers because it is the gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.  Strategically located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, this quaint community, dotted with charming shops, family-owned restaurants, and offering fun-packed activities, is a perfect base camp for the national park goers as well as a destination for locals like me, seeking a gratifying day trip.

Plan Your Trip

How to Get There

By Road – It’s only 3h 30m drive from Los Angeles the distance is about 200 miles. A weekend road trip is definitely interesting with a group of friends and family.

Road trip from San Francisco to Three Rivers is about 4 hours drive about 250 miles so another doable weekend trip can be considered.

By Air – There are daily nonstop flights from San Francisco to the nearest Yosemite International airport in Fresno. Three Rivers is only 70 miles, about 90 minutes away from Fresno. Rent a car is available at the airport so not a bad idea getting a car for the weekend getaway trip.

Planning a Trip?

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Best Time to Visit

Three Rivers boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year with a slim chance of rain or snow. June is the most populated time, followed by July and August. It is when hotel rates will skyrocket. If you are like me who want an entire place to yourself, your best bet are the months of November to March.

Top Things To Do In Three Rivers

Visit Three Rivers Historical Museum

Whether or not you’re an enthusiast of museums, this should be your first stop to get acquainted with the town. There is a Visitor Center inside where brochures, maps, etc. are free to grab. Do not miss the impressive giant statue of Paul Bunyan, which was sculpted by a local artist using only hammer and chisel from a single, fallen 3,000-year-old sequoia tree weighing thirty tons!

Three Rivers Historical Museum
Three Rivers Historical Museum, California – Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Be Awed at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

The Sequoia National Park, home of thousands of years old giant Sequoia trees and the Kings Canyon National Park, where most surreal canyons one could ever marvel will astonish you like never before!  Indeed, your stop-over at Three Rivers is incomplete without seeing these two magnificent parks (if that is not your purpose in the first place).  Both parks offer many activities and must-see sights, therefore, deserve a blog of its own.

Hiking in Three Rivers

Three Rivers sits at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. For families with (complaining) pre-teens, the Ladybug Trail is my recommendation. It is a doable 3.5-mile hike, back trafficked with beautiful mountain peaks and riverbeds making the hiking an extremely enjoyable one. The stunning waterfalls and river at the end of the trail will mesmerize even the most jaded participant, and the reluctant hiker in the group will thank you for tagging them along!

three rivers
Hiking and camping in Three Rivers, Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Send A Postcard To Your Friends from Kaweah Post Office

This twelve-by-fifteen building constructed from local cedar and redwood in 1910 is the tiniest operating post office in the United States! If you want to impress your friends, do not post a photo of this historic landmark on Facebook, instead, send your friends a postcard right from the Kaweah Post Office!

three rivers
Historical Kaweah Post Office in Three Rivers, Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Pay a Visit to Reimers Candies & Shop

This 50-year-old candy factory, ice cream parlor, souvenir shop and river view spot will entice all travelers and convert anyone into a sweet-tooth addict. Score on their world-famous Stollen Bread in November. Have I mentioned that they make their waffle cone right before your eyes?

three rivers
Visit Reimers Candies & Shop – Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Exciting River Rafting at Kaweah River

This is one of the steepest rivers in the country dropping at 85 feet per mile at its first few miles. There are available lessons, from intermediate and expert water rafters. Those with no previous paddling experience but want the adrenalin rush; you can still do so by watching the guys as they cross the river over the Kaweah Bridge.

Kaweah River
River Rafting at Kaweah River in Three Rivers, CA – Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Where to Rest Your back

Rent a houseboat from Kaweah Marina for an hour or an overnight stay for the family or just you and your significant other. The lake, surrounded by magnificent mountains, is such peaceful, relaxing and romantic place. Over the hilltop, one can watch the sun setting comfortably on the benches or your car.

three rivers
The lake, surrounded by magnificent mountains in Three Rivers – Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Traditional Food and Drinks

Where to Eat

Brunch at Buckaroo Diner – The restaurant’s best asset aside, from their food specialty, is its location. While sipping a glass of house-made Cara-Cara Orange Basil Juice, the roaring sound of the Kaweah river beneath the hills will sooth even a starving tummy and restless soul.

Three Rivers
Three Rivers, California – Photo Credit – May G. Lemque

Recommended Hotels 

Lazy J Ranch-Americas Best Value Inn, 39625 Sierra Dr. Three Rivers CA

Comfort Inn & Suites Sequoia/Kings Canyon, 40820 Sierra Dr. Three Rivers CA

My Opinion and Tips

Have you been to Three Rivers, CA? Any additional tips to share?

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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