In recent years Bangladesh is getting well-deserved attention among the tourist community. A mix of fascinating history, vibrant cultures, scenic attractions, historical ruins, sandy sea beaches, hills and forests, and wildlife, is waiting to welcome you. 

Map of Bangladesh

Being surrounded by India and Myanmar the country is becoming a side trip destination not only from those countries but also from Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand.

The longest sandy beach in the Bay of Bengal, adventure in Chittagong Hill Tracks, trekking through UNESCO World Heritage site Sundarbans, the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world, 200+ years old fantastic fishing tradition in the southern rivers, experiencing village life & people and many more exciting activities will definitely make your trip an enjoyable one.

Bangladesh is magical and still vastly natural. I am posting some of the photographs from my recent visits to set the pathway to my blog posts on this amazing country.

People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Capital: Dhaka

Population: 162 million

Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq miles)

Major language: Bengali

Major religion: Islam, Hinduism

Life expectancy: 69 years (men), 70 years (women)

Currency: Taka (1 US4 = Tk 84 (approx)

True Bangladesh

Planning a Trip?

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1. Spotted Deer in the Sundarbans a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Early morning view of Sundarban, Bangladesh

2. St. Martin’s Island about 10 km south-west off the coast 

Fishing Boats
Fishing boats in the bay of Bengal

3. Experience Village Life

Faces of the country

4. Experience a traditional boat ride in the countryside.

Daily life in a village in Bangladesh

5. The longest sandy beach in the Bay of Bengal

cox’s bazar
Beautiful beach in Cox’s Bazar

6. Jatiyo Smriti Soudho (National Martyrs’ Memorial) in Savar

Jatiyo Smriti Soudho
Jatiyo Smriti Soudho in Savar, Bangladesh

7. Thrilling Boat trip through the jungle

Boat ride through the jungle of Sundarbans

8. River cruise to the south of Bangladesh

winter in Bangladesh
Misty winter morning in Southern Bangladesh

9. Traditional pancakes made with local recipes 

pancakes in bangladesh
Winter tradition in Bangladesh – cooking pancakes local style!

10. Local market in a village

Local market in rural Bangladesh
Local market in rural Bangladesh

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