This is my second trip to Lucerne, and this time I am not traveling as a solo traveler. Instead, it was a family European road trip, a group of four. Therefore, the best idea is to rent a car from Zurich airport and then hit the road towards Lucerne, the first stop on our Switzerland road trip. After that, we plan to cover Zurich – Lucerne – Zurich – Brig – Täsch – Zermatt and finally to Geneva, drop off the car at the airport and catch a flight to Prague. Watch out for speed cameras on the road; there are quite a few, so make sure you don’t get photographed for speeding.

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Driving Experience

Our journey to Lucerne turned out to be quite enjoyable, even though we took a scenic detour through downtown Zurich instead of the highway. This charming route extended our travel time to around 90 minutes, a bit longer than expected. However, the silver lining was that we got to explore the picturesque city on a Sunday morning, adding a delightful adventure to our trip.

Zurich, Switzerland
Old Town, Zurich, Switzerland

Driving alongside the gorgeous Limmat River, I was treated to a stunning view of the tranquil lakes, snow-capped mountain summits, the charming town, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and breathtaking natural landscapes. The only drawback I encountered was my inability to completely immerse myself in the beauty around me due to the necessity of focusing on the road and navigation.

Zurich City
Alps in the hotizon, shot from Zurich City

The ride was smooth once we left the city and got back on highway E41. However, while cruising, I kept on getting the speeding alert on my GPS. Therefore, I had to watch my speed on the road as speed cameras were all over.

A view of the Spreuerbrücke over the Lake Lucerne

Unfortunately, our bad luck was only 11:00 am, too early to be able to check in early to a hotel in Lucerne’s famous tourist resort town in the middle of summer. So I just parked the car in the underground hotel garage and went for a walk around the Lucern lake.

Lake Lucerne
A view of Lake Lucerne

We all enjoyed the unforgettable driving experience from Zurich airport to Lucerne and wished to do it again.

Where to stay in Zurich, Switzerland

Hotel City Zürich Design & Lifestyle

The Hotel City Zürich is located in the heart of Zurich, with the legendary Bahnhofstrasse and the financial and business district just around the corner. Walkable distance to the central train station, and the airport is only 15 minutes away. The hotel features charming and individually designed rooms and a restaurant that offers light cuisine and a range of excellent wines.

Crowne Plaza Zürich, an IHG Hotel

The Crowne Plaza Zurich is only a 15-minute direct tram ride away from Zurich’s city center. Guest definitely will love the location of this accommodation. The hotel also offers a wellness center and an indoor pool. Parking spaces are also available in its private parking garage.

My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Zurich, Switzerland? Any cool tips to share?

I loved being in Zurich Switzerland, and want to go back again. I hope my story has motivated you to visit Switzerland.

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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A Few Pictures from our Lucerne Road Trip

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