I was staring in one of those bunk bed and the rest 3 were empty, as I booked the entire room!

If you are traveling to Uluru then choose of hotels or guest house is very limited, so considering my budget and outdoor activities I planned to perform played a role selecting this Outback Pioneer Lodge. Not that far from the airport a 5 -7 mins drive will do.

Reception area!

As a guest at the Lodge you can use free Ayers Rock Airport transfers and a free resort shuttle bus that will help you get around. Since I rented a car so did not use them at all, but saw the bus gets crowded particular time of the day.

Common bathroom first time in such a situation!

I got one of the budget rooms without a bathrooms, got 4 bunk beds but staying solo and paid for the rest of the three beds. Room was tiny so bumped my head couple of times with the upper deck. It was wired experience while heading to the common bathroom 100+ feet away in the middle of the night, luckily during my multiple trips to the bathroom did not step on any snake or that sort of wild animals.

A huge kitchen - all yours, a good place for party people with cooking experience!
A huge kitchen – all yours, a good place for party people with cooking experience!

Positive side is that definitely made me not to drink beer in the evening. Rooms were clean though with an air-condition which was a must because it gets hot during the day, common room with television and internet access, a communal self-catering kitchen (very interesting even I did not use it but it’s great to know) and shared self-service laundry facilities, not to mention a common shower kind of interesting too. This Hotel also has access to all the facilities in the resort like swimming pools, resort town square shops, gas station, tennis courts, visitor centre, tour desk etc. I think this is perfect for the budget minded traveller

Common dinning area, can cook your own food and have fun!

Evening get more interesting when the common area gets crowded with travelers from all over enjoying beer and some outback delights at the do-it-yourself Outback BBQ, or buffet dinner and live music. Great place to meet people. I also liked the hotel viewpoint from where you could have a beautiful view of Uluru and Kata Tjuta from distance.

From the Hotel lookout you could see the Ayers Rock!

Hotel Location

Outback Pioneer Hotel & LodgeYulara Drive, Yulara, Northern Territory, Australia

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