I stayed in All-4U Apartments for 3 nights. They have private apartments to rent. I stayed in a building with maximum security and very safe. Rooms are equipped with all amenities. The apartment had a kitchen with all utensils you may need, Washer and dryer, Ironing stand micro oven, toaster, TV, Music set, etc etc. I was alone but room had one queen size bed, one futon and a extra portable bed. Very affordable and worth to stay there. This area is very close to city center and lot of nice restaurant around. Two days was not enough to try them all. There were few Grocery Super Market around there. If you are interested to buy and cook your own food you would have no problem doing that.

Affordable accommodation in Budapest and conveniently located close to the all actions. All 4 U Apartments Agape, Budapest, Holló Street, Hungary


Rooms were clean so is the bathroom, even bath room was little too small. I had total freedom as there was no lobby, front desk, or security guard watching you. I was walking to the city squire from there in no time, Hard Rock Cafe was only few minutes walk. Street cars easily access able.


It was fun staying there and having party along with friends. I definitely stay there again if I happen to visit Budapest in the near future. I have attached few pictures for your information. Hope you will like them.

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