It was Dec 24th. 2014, Brian picked me up from Melbourne airport on my return from Uluru, then we went to different part of the city of Melbourne for sightseeing. It was excellent to have a friend like him and driving me around specially places that I would have never found without him, and not to forget it was a day before Christmas.

Trying to check in as quickly as possible don't want to miss the evening action by the Yarra River!
Trying to check in as quickly as possible don’t want to miss the evening action by the Yarra River!

After couple of hours of driving through different parts of Melbourne and covering interesting areas of the city it was time for me to check in to my hotel and then go out with him for a dinner. He dropped me off at the hotel. The name of the hotel did not ring my bell also was not expecting much but soon I arrived at the hotel even looking at the location I really got surprised. Location was perfect for me, right at the center of the city and walking distance to all attractions.

Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank
Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank, Melbourne

Hotel staff were so friendly and helpful. My room was clean and perfect for me. Hotel amenities were above standard and the most important of all was the bed and the bathroom. No doubt the bed was comfortable and above average also the bathroom was cleaner than I ever expected. Most of all the spectacular view of the city through the glass window was unbelievable and could not resist to take some pictures early in the morning.

Melbourne, Australia
A view through the room window, Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank

It was nice to see they had self operated laundry facilities which was nice even though I did not use it.
Over all this a perfect choice for me and if I ever go back to Melbourne I will definitely stay there for sure.

We deserved to have a glass of wine after a long day in Melbourne ( by the way that was Brian)
We deserved to have a glass of wine after a long day in Melbourne ( by the way that was Brian)

Hotel Location

Travelodge Hotel, 9 Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne 

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