Mt Fuji is one of the symbolic icons of Japan, one of the site everyone knows, where they have actually been there or not. No matter which direction you are coming from, the famous Mt. Fuji as if watching your journey.

On a clear day, Mount Fuji can be seen beautifully from the sightseeing boats in Lake Ashi. You can get a great view of the lake by the ropeway from Mt. Komamagate.

We took a day trip to Mt. Fuji, early morning was picked up from our Crowne Plaza Metropolitan hotel at Ikebukuro and a busload of tourist heading for a journey I always dreamed of.

After an hour and a half bus journey, our first stop was the Fuji Peace Pagoda (Gotemba Heiwa Koen) in Gotemba town. This got a religious importance associated with Mt. Fuji, so it is a very popular place to visit before heading up. Often it gets crowded with busloads of tourists from all over.

Fuji Peace Pagoda with 4 Buddhas

It was overcast and drizzling a little off and on so could not see the beautiful view of Mount Fuji from the high ground of Peace Pagoda so no dreamed picture captures but it was okay I was happy to be there and enjoy the moment.

After a short break at the Mount Fuji welcome center, we headed winding uphill towards the active volcano. On a clear day, you could be seen from the train on a trip between Tokyo and Osaka. If you take the Shinkansen Train from Tokyo in direction of Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka, the best view of the mountain can be enjoyed from around Shin-Fuji Station on the right side of the train, about 40-45 minutes into the journey.

5th. Station of Mt. Fuji – Yoshida Entrance and from that point onward

Note, however, that clouds and poor visibility often block the view of Mount Fuji, and you have to consider yourself lucky if you get a clear view of the mountain. We did not get it though.

After about an hour of driving from Gotemba, we reached the 5th. Station of Mt. Fuji – Yoshida Entrance and from that point onward, automobiles are not permitted, close enough to grab the summit of Mount Fuji. There are also a number of souvenir shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect place for those who want to just enjoy the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji, take few pictures, relax and for those who aren’t physically able to climb the mountain.

Taking a cruise on Lake Ashi on a rainy day, could not see the Mt. Fuji due to the cloud.

Time for us to descend, next stop taking a cruise on Lake Ashi. The lake was beautiful surrounded by dense forest but while going across the lake was not able to have a clear view of Mount Fuji that I saw on the internet but at least was able to still see those pirate ships replica of a man-of-war pirate ship through the dense fog.

Hakone Ropeway to Owakudani station – still raining not able to see much far distance on the horizon

Took the Hakone Ropeway to Owakudani station missing all the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains due to rain and later was transported to Odawara Train Station from there taking Shinkansen train back to Tokyo. Got off at Ikebukuro Station and walked to the hotel. It was a nice long day trip, we enjoyed it despite the rain and mist all over.

Pictures of my trip that will tell the story:


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