Me and my friends rented a car for few days to explore the sights within Mandalay City Center and surroundings like the Royal Palace, Mandalay Hills, temples around Sagaing hills, U-Bein’s bridge, road trip to Inle Lake, Taunggyi tour and at the end of our journey dropping off at Heho Airport to catch a flight to Nyaung-U (Bagan).

Amazing view of the Royal Palace from the Watch Tower
Amazing view of the Royal Palace from the Watch Tower

Our first stop was Mandalay Royal Palace, the weather was perfect In the month of May beautiful and sunny but very hot. The Grand Place is one of Mandalay’s major tourist attractions. King Mindon moved to this capital from Amarapura in 1857 to Mandalay. Our driver parked the car right in front of the palace, and we walked in. 

Inside the Palace Museum

The palace area was contained within a fort (citadel) and surrounded by a wide moat. The fort has 24-foot high walls and 12 watch towers – the watch gates designed with multi-tiered wooden carved roofs. The moat is 210 feet wide and there are 4 bridges to cross them a huge area of 2.5 sq Km.

Most of the building inside the palace was built with teak wood, I saw the statue of King Mindon and Chef Queen Satkyardavi at the entrance to the Great Audience Hall (AD 1853 – 1878).

Consultations on important matters were usually held in this room called Hall of Victory.  The Central Palace of the King’s living chamber was situated in the center of ‘Palace City’. We also saw the statue of King Thibaw the last king of the Konbaung Dynasty of Burma and Queen Suphayalat.

The watchtower was interesting, we went all the way to the top tower floor from where The Watch Tower from there you get a complete view of the Palace grounds and the Mandalay city.

Moat and the wall around the Palace.
Moat and the wall around the Palace.

Visiting Mandalay Royal Palace was a great experience gave me the great memory of Myanmar Kingdom that it had already finished after British occupied the country. Old Palace was burnt out by fire during the Second World War that Mandalay was the battlefield between British troops & Japanese. It’s amazing reconstructed in 1996 by the military Government.

Where I was Staying In Mandalay

Grand Central Hotel, Corner 30 × 77 Road, Mandalay

This hotel is located in the heart of Mandalay. Walking distance to the Railway station and a few minutes walk to the Mandalay Palace.

Grand Central Hotel in Mandalay
Grand Central Hotel in Mandalay

Hilton Mandalay, No.1, Junction of 26th & 66th Street

Located in the city center, it is a 10-minute drive from major cultural attractions such as Eindawya Pagoda, Mahamuni Pagoda, and Golden Palace Monastery. Mandalay International Airport is an hour away.

A view from Hilton Mandalay
A view from Hilton Mandalay

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