Coron. What makes it more perfect? Here, plenty of things to do and must-see nature reserves will leave even the most seasoned traveler breathless! The sparkling emerald green water, the blue lagoons, the powdery white sand beaches, and the gray jagged karst cliffs will not disappoint. That’s not all, though, because, for me, it is my love affair with snorkeling that I pursued this trip. Thus, it didn’t matter being roasted under the blasting sun while snorkeling. The truth is, I considered my burnt skin proof of the blissful moments I had on that island. Planning a trip? Honda Bay, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Coral Garden Park and Maquinit hot spring are the kind of adventures awaiting you. Keep reading.

Kayangan Lake & Honda Bay

The iconic Honda Bay and Kayangan Lake is where everyone wants to have a picture of themselves! It is the view from atop of rock, and below, you will see the clear turquoise waters and tall cliffs surrounding the bay. To get to that spot, take a steep ten-minute rock climb. And when you reach the very top, take a break to photograph the phenomenal view.

Kayangan Lake & Honda Bay, philippines
A view of Kayangan Lake & Honda Bay

Truth is, that is not the view of Kayangan Lake. Instead, that is the angle of Coron Bay. People refer to it as the view of Kayangan Lake because it is the same outcropped stairs you take to get to the hidden lake. Anyhow, it could get crowded on that top of the rock as everyone wants a photo to post on their social media accounts! When done with your turn, descend through the narrow stairs that lead to Kayangan and plunge into the bath-temperature water.

Coral garden, Caron, philippines
The mesmerizing corals at Coral Garden!

Take Deep Breaths in Barracuda lake 

One of Coron’s attractions is a freshwater lake from an ancient crater. Here, the limestone cliffs formations are so majestic; that you can’t keep yourself from admiring them. If you love snorkeling, well, this is your favorite activity here. So, you hit the perfect spot. It will get even better if you dive into the turquoise water because swimming with arrays of fish is pure fun for sure.

If the mentioned hobbies are not yours, that’s alright. Just savor the beauty of the lake. Relish the moment. Breathe. Close your eyes. Nurture your inner side. Your body and soul will thank you for doing so. To access this cove, you need to climb some steep and sharp rocks for about ten minutes. However, the hike is a small price for what you will enjoy!

Barracuda Lake, Philippines
The hike to Barracuda Lake is a small price to pay for what you will enjoy!
Barracuda Lake, Coron, Philippines
The wooden bridge to walk on to access the hidden Barracuda Lake.

Paddle Alone in Twin Lagoon

Of all the sites we visited, it is the Twin Lagoon was I wished we had hired a private boat to go there instead of joining a tour group! You wouldn’t want to paddle in the presence of many people. Let me explain. Twin Lagoon is to be enjoyed by yourself and yourself only. You want it to be your paradise! However, no one should ruin the stillness and monastery-like quietness in Twin Lagoon. It is so beautiful it resuscitates euphoric feelings, and it is impossible to experience such in the presence of other sightseers. That’s why the best time to head there is in the late afternoon when visitors have already left for the day or in the early morning when everybody is still under their blankets. I lack words to describe it. Even photos don’t do justice to showing its real beauty.

Feel Young Again at Coron’s Youth Beach Club

Feel like a kid again, and let your eyes will sparkle at Coron’s Youth Club! It is very different here from the lagoons and lakes hiding within the walls of limestone cliffs. CYC Beach is a small but spread-out island beach backdropped by lush trees and mangroves. Who would want to leave with nothing there but bathe warm waters and far-stretching white sands? Sadly, we’re only allowed to stay on the beach for less than thirty minutes.

Hire a private boat if you can get one so that you can stay on the island for the entire day. After all, you are there to relax and chill! FYI, there are no cottages on the shore, but there are mangroves to shelter you from the sun. Be careful about bringing your camera. It may be a bit scary, as it might get wet on your walk to the coast from the dropping point.

You will feel like a youth again at Community Youth Coron (CYC) Beach!

Visit Coral Garden Park

Your pulse will beat in a rapid rhythm. Jump down into the limpid sea and start your snorkeling journey. Follow your tour guide and flip-flop like a line of tropical fish. Stretch out your arms until you can almost touch the coral reef. You may pick up a starfish and watch it breathe! Watch the multi-colored fishes swing their flexible body and let them swim across your hands and feet! Oh, so fun! Only in the Coral Garden Park, Coron Island, Palawan!

Snorkeling in Coron
Start your snorkeling journey and get close to the coral reef!

Climb Mount Tapyas to get 360 View

Don’t tell me that the last time you went for a run was when Bush was still the President! Because if your answer is yes, then forget about climbing Mt. Tapyas. Not an easy feat if you are not fit! You will have to climb the 700 + steps to reach the top of the mountain. I admit that by the time I stepped the 300th staircase, I gave up!

If you reach the top, your reward is a fantastic and unobstructed view of the town. You’ll be mesmerized by the glistening waters, those velvety rolling hills, and the majestic mountains. Chase the sunset there and watch the sky turns to gold. Bring a little mat or blanket to spread out on the grass. Lie down on your back, close your eyes, feel the breeze, and be grateful for that bliss. Before you descend, strike a pose in front of the big cross with the town’s name. It’s the Coron’s version of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles!

Mount Tapyas
View of the town from the 300th staircase to the top of Mount Tapyas

Visit The Maquinit Hot Spring

I recommend a trip to Maquinit Hot Spring, especially after those energy-sapping activities! Go for a dip and feel the healing properties of warm salt water (and say, ahh..) The best time to go there is in the evening. Book your excursion through the hotel you’re staying at or through the tour companies in the town. If you want on your own, hire a tricycle driver, but negotiate well before hopping. If you pay for a round-trip, the driver should wait until you are ready to go back into town. There is an entrance fee of PHP 500.00 per person. Bring a bottle of cold water; you’ll get thirsty after soaking. Remember, hundreds of tourists go there in the evening, so the dipping pools can get crowded. Lastly, the way to the resort is via rough roads. If it’s raining, expect a muddy, bumpy ride!

Maquinit Hot Spring
The Maquinit Hot Spring

Diving: The Wreckage!

The most famous water sport in Coron is wreck diving. Visitors from different countries flock to this offbeat coastal town for this reason.
Your snorkeling guide will give you a chance to see some shipwrecks. Suppose you can swim deep enough into those wreckages. In that case, you’ll get an up-close encounter that leaves you fascinated by those underwater ruins. Have I mentioned that Forbes Travel Magazine featured the sunken Japanese vessel as the world’s top ten scuba diving site? The Japanese vessel shipwreck is in the deep waters of Coron!

Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan – where you can dive at WW II Japan shipwrecks

Where to stay in Coron, Philippines

Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel

Located along Coron-Busanga Road, the Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel offers accommodations with views of the sea, 3.1 mi from Kayangan Lake. It is a 919 foot-walk to Coron Seaport. Coron Public Market is 1.2 mi away, while Maquinit Hot Spring is 1.9 mi from the property. Busuanga Airport, 14 mi from Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel, is the nearest airport. There is a 24-hour front desk and a gift shop at the property. In addition, a business center is available for the use of meeting facilities. BAYA Resto Lounge serves up a variety of local and international cuisine.

Asia Grand View Hotel, Coron

Located in Coron, a 3-minute walk from Dicanituan Beach, Asia Grand View Hotel provides accommodations with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a shared lounge. The daily breakfast offers buffet, à la carte, or continental options. You can play pool, ping pong, and darts at this 4-star hotel, and bike rental is available. Maquinit Hot Spring is 3.7 miles from the accommodation, while Mount Tapyas is 0.8 miles away. The nearest airport is Francisco B. Reyes Airport, 13 miles from Asia Grand View Hotel.

My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Coron, Philippines? Any cool tips to share?

loved being in Coron, Philippines, and want to go back again. I hope my story has motivated you to visit Philippines.

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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