During my Bangladesh Sundarbans Forest trip, I stayed on this boat called BHELA for two nights and three days operated by The Bengal Tours. BHELA got 11 cabins providing accommodation of our 26 family members. A family gets together trip that was organized to be able to meet family members after many years and be in a place where there will be only us, away from the business and could see spend quality time together and most importantly with no internet connection. BHELA also got seating room cum lounge in the front end of the main deck, where 15 persons seat together to take meals or have fun in our case family fun. It was a great first-time experience spending overnights on a ship in the middle of a jungle. They even shut down the generators after sunset to retain silence of the forest, the only available light source is from UPS (I guess)


Our journey started in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Took a short (45 min) flight from Dhaka to a small southwestern city called Jessore, on arrival at the airport took a bus to the port city called Khulna. Our cruiser BHELA was waiting for us away from the jetty middle of the River called Rupsa so had to take a small transporter boat to get there.


Onboard service was excellent the entire crew so far I counted was 15 of them was polite and helpful, the chef was superb. They served typical local Bangladesh food and undoubtedly they were delicious. We even bought live fish from the local fishermen who were fishing in the river and canals for the chef to cook them for us. My favorite place to hand out was the Roof deck behind the Master Bridge a large open space with seating arrangements alongside the railing to relax and enjoy the surrounding during cruising. where Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks were served. A BBQ corner on the far end of the roof deck where BBQ dinner was prepared for us.


The cabins were tiny with twin bunk beds, no air conditioner only a fan was available, very little room to move around. Actually, I spent only a few hours there so did not care much. most time spends on the deck while the ship was cruising. It was very relaxing and adventurous trip. Great tour operator and good service. I definitely recommend this company.

Here are a few pictures that will tell the trip stories of Dizzy Traveler. 

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