Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. The land of football, samba, Brazilian churrasco, religion, rainforest, beautiful spread out cities and stunning white beaches. The country is a multicultural society, a blend of many cultures which includes indigenous origin, European, Asian and African.

The Brazilian landscape is very distinct. Well known for its dense forests, including the Amazon, the world’s largest jungle. Dry grasslands (known as pampas), rugged mountains, pine forests, sprawling wetlands, vast plateaus, and long coastal plain.

Map of Brazil

Country Profile - Brazil

  1. Country – Federal Republic of Brazil
  2. Capital – Brasilia (largest city: Sao Paulo)
  3. Population – 207 million
  4. Area – 3.28 million sq miles (8.51million sq km)
  5. Major Language – Portuguese
  6. Currency – Real
  7. Major River – Amazon, Sao Francisco, Parana, Tocantins
  8. Mountain Range – Serra do Mar, Serra do Espinhaco

Here are a few pictures that may inspire you to visit Brazil.

1. A view of Devil’s Throat, Iguazu Falls 

iguazu falls
A view of Devil’s Throat, Iguazu Falls

2. Brazilian Side of Iguazu Falls

iguazu falls
A view of Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian Side

3. A View of Sugarloaf mountain from the Tijuca National Park

A breathtaking view of Sugarloaf mountain from the Tijuca National Park!

4. The Iconic Elevator Lacerda of Salvador

The Elevator Lacerda is an iconic landmark of Salvador!

5. Leblon beach in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful view of Leblon beach and the Two Brothers Mountain in the backdrop!

6. Sunset From The Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain

A view from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

7. The Historical Pelourinho in Salvador 

The Historical Pelourinho in Salvador, Bahia

8. Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car from Urca Hill

The 2nd cabal car heading to Sugarloaf Mountain from Urca Hill, Rio de Janeiro

9. Street art in Batman Alley (Beco do Batman), Sao Paulo

A view of Graffiti in Beco do Batman in the Vila Madalena Neighborhood of Sao Paulo

10. Early Morning View of Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful Ipanema Beach.

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