Canada is universally celebrated for its natural wonders, from its huge mountains to calm lakes, imposing glaciers to wild forests. Canada is a magnificent country and is recognized as one of the best country that worth visiting.

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Trip to Beausoleil Island, Georgian Bay

My Trip Starting From Toronto On a Sunday morning just landed at Toronto Pearson Airport from New Jersey, plan was to rent a car and embark a road trip north to Honey Harbor from where I will catch the park’s Day Tripper boat to Beausoleil island one of the 63 islands in Georgian Bay Islands National […]

Day Trip to 1000 Islands from Toronto, Ontario – Canada

Day Trip to 1000 Islands It is a perfect day trip destination only 165 miles (265 kms) about 3 hours driving from Toronto. The Thousand Islands is actually an archipelago of 1,864 islands that are on both side of Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River.  The 1000 islands offers a bounty of recreational activities from […]

Things to do in Montreal, Canada

Getting to know Montreal French and English, European and North American, Montreal is an exciting place to be, a city that overcame its traditional cultural clashes to form something new and different. Montreal is more about atmosphere and full of fun custom than sights, but there are a places worth wandering along. Try climbing Mount Royal as […]

Sightseeing in Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City was on my must see list for a while. Who doesn’t want to visit a place in North America which has European appeal without having to cross the ocean on a costly trip. Often it is called as ‘Paris of North America’, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is also known to many as one of […]

Things To Do In Toronto, Canada

Over the years I have made several trips to Toronto, not only by air but also couple of exciting road trips from USA. Every time I was there, I felt like on step closer to home. People are friendly and welcoming, and there is such a rich diversity in this beautiful city. Eventually it has became one […]

Day Trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto

Getting to know  Niagara Falls, what a spectacular! Jaw-dropping scenic beauty. Whatever expression you choose, you will definitely fall short of describing the beauty. It is great to see the natural power of 4-6 million cubic feet of water plummet over the edges every minute of the day like liquid glass.   There are two sets of falls […]