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Street view of Tallinn old town!

I was staying at City Hotel Portus, next to Tallinn port terminal D. and a 15 minutes walk would bring you to the Viru Center in old town, the heart of the city, a great place to be while in town. On a Sunday morning streets were packed with tourists, specially day trippers from Helsinki, but […]

A early morning walk along the Baltic Sea

Tallinn is a beautiful medieval city in the Baltic very quiet, laid back and peaceful. Big cruise ships connect Helsinki and Tallinn 20 times per day and there is never a good place to watch them then from a far distance. I took a stroll and believe me it an awesome experience.  Two days in a […]

Tallinn at night !

You really don’t need a map to explore as wondering around aimlessly is arguably the best way to soak up the atmosphere, although some highlights for the more diligent tourism might include: climbing the tower of the venerable St. Olav’s Church; heading to the famous Kiek in de Kok Tower where you can buy a […]

Meandering around the Old Town Tallinn

Tallinn the capital of Estonia a place well off the beaten Europien trip that most travelers follow, to many people Baltic are always viewed as sort of outer frontier of European travel. Not sure where the origin of my thought came from, but probably very few people I know who have gone or even thought […]