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Safari in Masai Mara, Kenya – My Travel Experience

When I envision my time in Africa, I see the vast rolling savannah of Masai Mara dominated by endless grassy plains. I see the Great Rift Valley and the wildlife activities surrounding Mara River. I picture the ever so beautiful Oldoinyio Escarpment where survival is a constant daily battle among the wildlife in that area. […]

Road Trip to Masai Mara from Nairobi

It was early morning in Nairobi, I was the first hotel guest in the restaurant for breakfast. The weather was crisp and cool but eventually got warmer through out during the day. Extremely excited that I am taking a road trip to one of the most famous wildlife reserves in East Africa, the beautiful Masai […]

List of Items Essential for Safari

If you are heading to Masai Mara for a safari then there are a few things you definitely need to consider packing and a few things that are optional and depend on your personal preferences.  There are plenty of lists out there explaining what to pack and yet many travelers still get it wrong. International […]

Road Trip to Lake Nakuru from Masai Mara

It was October 3rd., early morning weather was crisp and cool in Masai Mara. Another excited morning of game derive waiting for us at 6:00 am at-least for few hours before we head towards Lake Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is one of the park in Kenya where you find beautiful tall trees, cool weather, beautiful lake, […]