I was in Buenos Aires for three days and after exploring the charming cosmopolitan city I wanted to do something different just to get away from all the hustle and bustle for a day. Found Tigre delta to be a perfect place for me as there are interesting things to do on the river delta such as a boat ride around the delta and discovering how people live there. And yes my decision to visit Tigre Delta was wise because of the beautiful islands, canals, grasslands, riverside markets. water sports and definitely the gorgeous houses along the river made my trip enjoyable.

Planning a Trip?

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How to Get There

Tigre is only 17 miles (27 km) away from Buenos Aires and there are different ways to get there. 

By Mitre Train to Tigre Delta

The cheapest way to get there is by train from Buenos Aires’s Retiro Train Station all the way to Tigre Station. It takes a little less than an hour and the cost is affordable. Click here to get the current timetable

A view of Tigre Train Station.

Scenic Tren de la Costa

Tren de la Costa is widely used by tourist because it runs through different barrios (neighborhood) on it’s way to Tigre. And buying a day ticket will have the opportunity to get off and on at any station on the way to enjoy the river bank attractions, checking out local markets or other actions you like.

The below map will give you an idea of how to take this train. Get on to Mitre train from Retiro (Buenos Aires) and switch to Tren de la Costa at Mitre station. 

tigre delta
Map of Mitre Train in Buenos Aires

Guided Trip to Tigre

I took the guided tour to Tigre since I had to come back to Buenos Aires in the late afternoon for another event in Puerto Madero so did not want to do the trip on my own pace. 

The tour bus that I took to Tigre delta.
The tour guide picked me up from my hotel in BA at 8:30 AM and headed to Tigre. It took us less than an hour to get there since it was Saturday morning and the roads were pretty empty. Check out tours offered by one of our affiliates. 

Things You Can Do In Tigre

We arrived at Tigre early morning and our bus dropped us at the Boat Marina. Since the highlight of our tour was to take a boat trip through the delta to see the local natives and attractions of the delta.

Tigre Boat Marina, the starting point of our 2-hour boat trip.

Boat Trip Through The River Delta

If you are doing a self-guided trip then you can buy one or two hours boat trip from the marina depending on your situation. I think 1-hour tour will be more than enough to explore all the sights alongside the river. If you plan to stay overnight in Tigre then there are beautiful waterfront Cabins for rental. 

tigre delta
Beautiful houses along the river, it was like a dreamland.

Paddling Along The River

There are Canoe, and Kayak for rental and paddling along the third longest river in the Americas is a very popular event among the visitors. It is the perfect way to enjoy the lush, green paradise and its unique culture around the Parana River Basin and Delta. It will definitely give you a whole different culture in Argentina.

Kayaking is one of the popular activities among the visitors.

Visit The Tigre Municipal Museum of Fine Art

While cruising in the river you can’t this miss this beautiful building actually this museum used to be an upscale hotel and in recent days it’s been renovated as a museum. Perfect place to take a break from other activities and enjoy the art, history and the culture. 

Stop by at Puerto de Frutos

This used to be an original fruit market, where producers from the Delta region used to sell their fruit to local retailers. Today fruit is still sold but due to the influx of tourists, we will find all kind of items like handicrafts, wooden furniture, jewelry and much more. There are nice restaurants inside the market and also few food trucks outside by the riverside a great place to have your lunch and enjoy the view.

My opinions and tips

Trip to Carmelo, Uruguay – If you have time I would recommend to take a two and a half hour boat journey to Carmelo (The Uruguayan Tuscany). This small town in Uruguay will give you a real country experience. 

If you are kayaking – Good idea to wear clothes and shoes that are water friendly and dry quickly. Also bring extra sets of clothes, a hat, raincoat, and sunscreen. 

Have you been to Tigre Delta, Argentina? Any additional tips to share?

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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