Taking a Train to Bratislava, Slovakia

It was raining in Prague so my best bet was to get out of Prague little earlier than originally scheduled and take advantage of good weather in Bratislava. There is plenty of train available during the day from Praha Hlavni Nadrazi Station (Prague Main railway station) to Bratislava Hlavna Stanica (Bratislava Railway station).

Able to take this picture as I was sitting all the way at the end of the train.

Checked out from Prague hotel and took a tram straight to Prague Railway station, next available train was at 09:39 AM to Bratislava and arriving at 13:47 pm (it’s about 4 hours of a relaxed journey).

One way ticket cost me 731.00 Kc (Czech Crown) / 27.80 Euro whereas return would have cost me only 1057 Kc. (a savings of 400 Kc). Oh well, not returning to Prague but this information is good to know for the future trip.

Relaxing 4 hours train Journey Between Prague and Bratislava was excellent

On my way to Bratislava from Prague.

The time went by so quickly while watching the magnificent view of Czech and Slovakian countryside. That was the first time I was visiting that part of the Easter Europe so it was a whole new world for me. I was so excited and could not afford to miss a moment, walked from the front of the train to all the back few times and took some good shots.

Where is Bratislava

It’s also only 60 kilometers from Vienna, 60 kilometers from the border with the Czech Republic and just a short 20-minute drive from Hungary. Not a bad location at all. Bratislava’s most popular attractions are the Old Town and the Bratislava Castle. Famous for its dirt cheap and excellent beer, as well as plenty of parks, forests, and lakes nearby.

UFO Bridge over Danube river in Bratislava.

Arrived at Bratislava Hlavna Stanica

Arrived at Bratislava station at 2:00 pm. Did not find any money exchange place but luckily noticed one ATM which was a life saver for me. You must have some Euro in your wallet to handle initial impact at the station as no other currency would work there. Took a bus to the hotel, bus X13 ( should have taken bus number 93 instead to avoid extra 5 mins walk) got 15 mins valid ticket for 0.70 Euro.

Just arrived in Bratislava train station, taking a bus to my hotel

Spending rest of the Day Sightseeing in Old Town Squire

Checked in to the hotel, freshen up and got out with my camera to the old town squire. Bratislava is almost entirely walkable, it’s attractive and it has an interesting history

Walked a lot and took pictures. Found historical buildings lined up between the narrow street, most are walking streets and notice a few statues (statues that you have already seen online on many travel blogs).


Take a stroll along the Danube River, head through Hviezdoslav Square and into the nicely renovated Old City – where you’ll find a collection of interesting baroque palaces, Gothic Cathedrals, medieval towers, and welcoming plazas – and walk up through the narrow medieval lanes that lead to the imposing Bratislava Castle, and you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s just all so very pleasant, everywhere you go.

UFO Bridge - easily walkable from one side of the Danube river to the other
UFO Bridge – easily walkable from one side of the Danube river to the other

Accommodation in Bratislava:

Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava, Pilárikova 7372/5, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Have you been to Bratislava, Slovakia – here are few pictures of my trip that will tell the story of my trip:


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