Can you believe how thrilled I was to explore Bratislava, Slovakia an “Eastern Block” country that was behind the Iron Curtain for decades and was a little bit off limit for us? Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in Europe, but really it is a city with a long history. Bratislava was even the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary from the 16th-18th centuries. It is a relatively small city with a population of only 450,000

The old town is very cozy with great restaurants with very high quality food at affordable pricing. I love have the local beer and just to relax but also see culture. You will find this in Bratislava in a great mix at a very affordable price!

I started my time in Bratislava day trip with a self-guided walking tour. It was so peaceful to walk through the streets and in the main squire the prominent fountain is surrounded by many restaurants having extended open-air sitting arrangements. It was a beautiful day so, was not so easy to get an empty table on any of those old town restaurants. Having a good meal or a couple of drinks is not a problem at all, there are many pubs, cafe can be found in that area.


Walk through the City, visit the main squire and the attractions around it doesn’t take a lot of time. I finished in a few hours and then decided to head to Devin Castle by bus. Devin Castle is located outside the City overlooking the Danube river. I took bus # 29 and it was 20+ mins ride. The views from the castle were tremendous and the gorgeous weather both made my trip one of the remarkable events. I have posted a few pictures for you to see how the castle look now.

Still wondering if its worth to visit Bratislava! Definitely worth it. Only miles away from Vienna or even Budapest. Give it a try.

From there returned to the City and visited the castle located on the top of the hill. Bratislava is a nice city Especially the old town, won’t take you more than 2 days to see most of what it has to offer.

It was great to cross the Danube river over the bridge going to the UFO tower. Crossing UFO Bridge (the New Bridge) on foot was another milestone for me like Brooklyn bridge in NYC, Sydney Harbour Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge.

Here Are Few Top Things To Do In Bratislava

St. Martin’s Dome

The three-nave Gothic church was built in the place of the original Romanesque church. The building was started at the beginning of the 14th century and it was consecrated in 1452.

Situated on the edge of the Old Town, St. Martin’s Cathedral is Bratislava’s foremost Gothic structure. The church, originally built in the 13th century in the Romanesque style, was replaced by a 3-nave Gothic Dome in the late 14th century. The cathedral was actually built into the town’s outer walls as part of its fortification.

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava

Take in the Views from the UFO Observation Tower

It is situated about 300 feet above the Danube River, the Novy Most looks like the Seattle Space Needle or UFO from the distance. The restaurant on the observation deck is expensive but the view of the city is beautiful.


Visit the Capuchin Church

The church was built by Capuchin monks in 1717 and was built with simple decorations. The church was dedicated to St. Stephan –the first Hungarian king and is a part of a sacral complex with the Monastery of Capuchins. In front of the church, there stands the Marian column from the first half of the 18th century.

Very simple looking Capuchin Church, Bratislava

Visit Bratislava Castle ( Hrad Castle )

Bratislava Castle or Hrad sits on the Little Carpathians hills overlooking the city, which rise from the banks of the River Danube. For three hundred years, Bratislava was the coronation city of the Hungarian kings, who were crowned in the Castle. This Castle is worth a visit to the museums housed inside as well as the panoramic views over the city

A view of Bratislava Castle or Hrad Castle from the UFO Bridge

Visit Devin Castle

Devin Castle is located outside the City overlooking the Danube river. I took bus # 29 and it was 20+ mins to get there. The views from the castle were tremendous and the gorgeous weather both made my trip absolutely remarkable. It’s a place you could spend hours without getting bored.

Devin Castle at the meeting point of the rivers Danube and Morava is one of the three oldest historically acknowledged castles in Slovakia. Oldest traces of settlement there date back to the 5th century B.C. The castle played an important role as a boundary fortress as a part of the Limes Romanus fortifications against enemies at the times of the Roman Empire and as a military station and trade center at the times of the Great Moravian Empire the first Slavic state.  The castle was altered in the 13th and 16th century and destroyed by Napoleon’s troops in 1809.

History was made here in castle of Devin, Bratislava - Slovakia
History was made here in the castle of Devin, Bratislava – Slovakia

Fountain at Old Market Hall and people watching

The Roland Fountain sometimes know as Maximilian Fountain, is the most famous fountain in Bratislava, as well as one of the city’s important landmarks. It is located in the Old Town, in the Main Square.

The original structure was built in 1572 to facilitate a supply of public water. It has been rebuilt several times over the years changing its appearance compared to the original look. It can’t be missed since it is in the main square a nice place to hang out and watch small-town activities.

Roland Fountain also know as Maximilian Fountain, Old Town Square, Bratislava

St. Michael’s Street & St. Michael’s Gate in Bratislava

St. Michael’s Gate and Street are one of Bratislava’s popular sights and is an old-fashioned street lined with many shops and restaurants. It was beautiful during my visit in the summer, the Michalska Ulica was full of tourists, street bands, street-side restaurants, and locals enjoying the cool Slovak summer nights.

Bratislava, Old town, Michael’s Gate tower in the background

Take a Cruise on the River Danube

There are lots of Danube sightseeing cruises available in Bratislava. One of the popular ones is the cruise from Bratislava to The Danubiana Museum and the Cunovo Dam, you can also go to Devin castle by river cruise. There are many day trips to Vienna departs from the passenger terminal.

Trip to Vienna starts from here.
The trip to Vienna starts from here.

Ride the Old Timer Road Train

You wanna save some time and get a quick overview of Bratislava then take a ride on one of those ride on the ‘Old Timer’ road train, which departs from outside the old Slovak National Theatre.


Moving Around:

Walking is the best way to explore the old town, but for long distance sightseeing public bus or tram is your best bet, they are well connected and cheap too.

Accommodation in Bratislava:

Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava, Pilárikova 7372/5, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Have you been to Bratislava, Slovakia – here are few pictures of my trip that will tell the story of my trip:

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