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During my trip to Vaduz, Liechtenstein I have stayed in Hotel Sylva. I really liked this family owned hotel. It was clean and located a few minutes away from the Vaduz City Center.

Rooms were very clean and decorated with traditional local furniture and fixtures. Rooms were spacious so was the bathroom. Breakfast was excellent. Hotel staff had difficulties speaking English but no problem speaking with them with my broken German. They were very friendly and helpful. There were a few good restaurants close to the hotel. The hotel had plenty of parking so I had no issue parking my car. Safety was not an issue.

Room with a balcony always my favorite.
Room with a balcony always my favorite.

Breakfast was personal and excellent something to remember. The dining room was well decorated you can get the idea from the below pictures. I was able to spend some time on the balcony overlooking the huge mountains covered with clouds and definitely tried a few local beers. Great experience.

Breakfast that was so traditional

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