I stayed at an excellent hotel called the Congress Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania was quite conveniently located next to the Neris River and the Green Bridge! The room I was staying in was tiny but comfortable, with a great view of the Vilnius skyline. But they also have deluxe rooms if you want to pay more. 

Hotel Congresds
Room was tiny but comfortable with a great view
Deluxe room


Walking distance to the main attractions, old town, shopping, and Cathedral Square. The hotel Staffs were very much helpful and friendly. Each and everyone speaks good English. They helped me with directions, interesting places to visit, and where to go for authentic Lithuanian cuisine.

Room and Amenities

From my room, I had a great view of the Neris River and, on the other side of the River, the skyline of the commercial district. The rooms were clean with all the necessary amenities but not so spacious. However, considering the price I was paying for that nice hotel, I did not mind having a tiny room.

A great view of Neris River and the skyline on the other side !
A great view of Neris River and the skyline on the other side !

Breakfast in the Hotel

Breakfast was included with my stay. Like any other fine European hotel, breakfast was excellent and very much traditional European Style. 7 to 8 different kinds of Cheese, Salmon, other processed fish, eggs, sausages, bacon, cold cuts, fruits, sweets, and many more. Too bad I had no extra stomach to fill it up for the rest of the day.

Early morning Breakfast in Congress Hotel
Breakfast was great during my stay at Congress Hotel, Vilnius

My Opinion

It was a comfortable stay at this hotel. I definitely, recommend this hotel to my friends who are visiting Lithuania. It was perfect for me location-wise, and I got a budget room with a discounted fare.

Congress Hotel
Restaurant in the Congress Hotel, Vilnius

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