Ensenada is also called the “Cinderella of the Pacific” This city of nearly 280,000 people is located along Mexico’s Pacific coast just 78 miles south of San Diego. It’s known for its exceptional food, wine, and Mediterranean climate. Ensenada is a fun destination popular among locals and visitors; it is also the second most important harbor in Mexico for cruise lines and a modern port for Mexico.

I have always seen the Mexican border crossing in a film, but Crossing the border in person was also exciting. So overall, my decision to go there by Bus was a good choice. Ensenada is a famous town to visit in Baja, California, thanks to its proximity to the US border. It’s an easy weekend or day trip from San Diego.

Mexico and USA border
Mexico and USA border crossing
Mexican coastal town
A small Mexican coastal town

Road Trip To Ensenada from San Diego

I booked a bus tour to Ensenada, Mexico, from San Diego for a long weekend trip. Arrived in San Diego from Los Angeles the day before. I spent the night in a nice little hotel. On Saturday morning, the tour collector van picked me up from the hotel very early in the morning and brought me to the Cruise Ship Terminal at Harbor Drive, San Diego, from where I got on to a big Coach USA bus.

Road to Ensenada!
Road to Ensenada!

About Ensenada

Ensenada is one of the famous cruise destination stops, so getting well-deserved attention lately. It was a safe city, only about 2 hours drive from San Diago. Not far from Valle de Guadalupe vineyards, something similar to Napa Valley worth visiting.

Ensenada, Mexico
Street view of Ensenada

Usually, the street in Ensenada is pretty packed with tourists pouring in from the cruise ship! There is a lot to do in Ensenada; I tried Mexican food, which was delicious, but I could not get to the nightlife part as the tour bus was scheduled to return at 5:00 PM. It was a beautiful seaport town, one of the largest on the Baja Peninsula, best for relaxation and excellent outdoor recreation activities. Surfing, sea kayaking, and horseback riding were popular then. I did try the local beer but passed the wine testing offered by the nearby vineyards. Even though it was a very short day trip, it still did not disappoint me.

Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag in Ensenada
Ensenada, Mexico
Ensenada, Mexico

Top 10 Things To Do In Ensenada

If you can afford to take your eyes off the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean for a couple of hours, then here are some of the things you can do during a weekend trip to Ensenada.

  1. Walking and hiking
  2. Beaches and surfing
  3. Boating and sport fishing
  4. Camping and RVs
  5. Out-of-town day trips
  6. Eco Adventures
  7. Kayaking 
  8. Driving and snorkeling
  9. Horseback riding
  10. Wine tasting 
Valle de Guadalupe vineyards
Valle de Guadalupe vineyards
Market in Ensenada
Market in Ensenada

Explore Tijuana

If you are visiting Baja California from USA then Tijuana will be the first city on your road trip. On my way back from Ensenada I made a quick stop there. It’s an exciting city with fun activities. Don’t get discouraged if back home you heard about how dangerous this place is on earth, or you imagine Tijuana to be like something you have seen in the Western movies. But you will be surprised to see a completely different place than anticipated.

Tijuana, Mexico
Street view of Tijuana
Tijuana, Mexico
The main touristic artery in Tijuana

A Quick Stop at Rosarito beach

About 25 km south of Tijuana, Rosarito Beach is worth making a quick stop. It takes about 30 minutes by car, home to a beautiful beach and film studio famous for ocean scenes from Pearl Harbour and Titanic were filmed.

Rosarito beach, Mexico
Rosarito beach, Mexico
Mexican coast
A view of Mexican coast from the Hotel

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