Over the year been to Thailand many times but never had an opportunity to go to Krabi or Ao Nang area. Even during my previous 2005 and 2009 trips to Phuket, I was unable to accommodate those fabulous places on my itinerary. One of the main attraction from Ao Nang is island hopping and Bamboo Island was among one of those islands listed in my mind.


Bamboo Island or Koh Mai Phai is a beautiful Island off the North Eastern coast of Kho Phi Phi. It has an amazingly nice white sandy beach surrounding halve the Island. In the shallow waters, you can feed the fish that swim there.

I took a tour from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi with a stop at Bamboo Island.


The sea was a little rough that day and the big waves were killing us when we had to go against them. Speedboat able to cruise very fast with the three powerful motors at the back but due to the big waves they had to shut down motors time to time and compromise the speed for the safety of the 16 passengers on board, and most of them were foreign tourists.DSC_1790

We arrived at the island early in the morning around 10 am, but the beach was already crowded with tourist arriving from all directions. Even at the time of the late morning, Sun was pretty much intense and perfect weather to jump right into the blue clear water and walk on the white sandy beach. It was an excellent experience spending a few hours on the island with a white sandy beach, many pine trees to cool you down and picnic areas. Despite my interest to spend the entire day on that island, I had to leave that behind in about 2 hours as we had to cover a few more beautiful islands on the same trip. My experience tells me it is always good to go there before or after the big tours are gone from their island hopping activities and enjoy the beach in private.

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