Road trip from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang was a long ride by minibus but an incredible one. Taking road trips is definitely my favorite way of travel. Driving down the highways or just sit back and relax in a tour bus, listening to music or just sitting in silence, and seeing vistas that stun the senses are some of my favorite reasons that I love road trips. But experiencing different people, cultures, foods, and drinks are also irresistible reasons.

The Van we were taking to Luang Prabang
The Van we were taking to Luang Prabang

The minibus passed through some incredible mountain scenery as the road twists, winds and climbs through the limestone pinnacles of hills, and goes through tiny mountain-towns clinging to the edge of the road with nothing but air and some bamboo beneath them. For most of the way, the road is lined with typical wooden homes and village markets and all the activities that go with them. It was great enjoying just looking out the window at the landscape, environment as we move towards our destination. I was able to set aside all the discomfort just because of the landscape of northern Laos was astonishingly beautiful.


I saw women climbing up stiff hills with a huge bamboo basket full of goods hanging on their back and heading towards the nearest market to sell them, passed water buffalo, saw children playing and chasing the dogs, few people collecting bugs from the bushes (I guess this is one of the local delicacies).

Local people in the mountains collecting bugs.
Local people in the mountains collecting bugs.

Our minibus driver was able to save us from eminent accident couple of times, even being an expert driver it took him 7+ hours to get to Luang Prabang. On our way, the driver made a couple of stops for refreshment and emergency call for toilets. A couple of lookouts on the way were so stunning.

The place top above the mountains were kind of out of the world scene.
The place top above the mountains was kind of out of the world scene.

My trip from Vang Vieng was truly one of the prettiest drives in all of Laos and I’m glad I did it. The sights were sublime and breathtaking I will never forget those moments.

Here are a few pictures that will tell my trip story:

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