Egypt is beautiful with incredible historical monuments, hot deserts and modern cities. The ancient monuments is spread out through out Egypt so great opportunity to travel different parts of the country to explore. On the other hand the Nile River is another attraction that attracts many tourist.

Where do you want to travel?

Your journey will lead you to famous domestic and foreign beauty spots.

My trip to Cairo and Pyramids

Pyramids at Giza built Four thousand years ago, just imagine two million stones, two tons each, carved, transported, and then stacked high…all so a king could take his stuff into the next life. In my first week in Egypt, I have noticed that most of the great ancient sites were wide open there were few […]

Cairo Dinner Cruise

First experience of Egypt with some traditional cuisines and traditional floorshows. Truly a wonderful experiences that we will always remember having dinner and cruising on the famous Nile River. Great service and super local guides. Really a great set of drivers and guildes Local pick up at the hotel was perfect and on time. Interesting […]