The Blue Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Eastern Australia, it is well known for its breathtaking scenery, forest, waterfalls, cascades, beautiful lookouts, canyons, valleys, and amazing hiking trails. One of the most popular day trip locations from Sydney.

It is definitely well worth paying a visit and let the magical national park and the sound of running water refresh your soul.

Three sisters, Blue Mountains
A View of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains, Australia

Helpful Information

I visited The Blue Mountain National Park at the end of December and found it perfectly beautiful weather there. But you can plan your trip based on your likings, here are a few options.

August – is winter in Australia a great time to visit the Blue Mountains. Tourists love the cool days. They are perfect for hiking and other outdoor daytime activities. During the nights it may get very cold.

March to May – is the Autumn another season ideal for hiking in the Blue Mountains. Usually, the daytime temperature is mild, and less rainfall makes it comfortable for travelers.

December to February – is summer in Australia. The Blue Mountains are relatively cooler than the cities, but still, you will feel the pain hiking the trails. During this season, it rains a lot so the trees come alive and waterfalls are at their peak.

By Car

A road trip to The Blue Mountains is fun, with the freedom to stop anywhere and to see places along the way. The driving distance is about 63 miles (102 km) takes about 90 minutes if you are not stopping on your way. But you will have the opportunity to stop at beautiful places such as Penrith, Springwood, Woodford, Wentworth Falls, Leura on your way to Katoomba.

Guided Tour

There are guided tours available from Sydney, they usually combine sightseeing, lunch and a few sightseeing stops on the way. Get Your Guide is the one I recommend.

By Train

Train from Sydney departs every hour from Central Station. The two hours journey to Katoomba is comfortable and scenic. From the
Train station visitors can get public buses to get to Echo Point.

There are public buses to get around Katoomba to Leura. Another great idea is to take the hop-on-hop-off Blue Mountain Explorer Bus and looping around all main attractions in the National Park. The Blue Mountains Explorer Bus takes you to more of the sights, faster and more frequently than any other Blue Mountains tour. I drove my rental car so I had the freedom to make my own schedule and stop anywhere that I felt like.

The Blue Mountains is huge and there are so many hidden gems, hiking trails, waterfalls, and lookouts so a day trip is not enough to cover all the excitements the UNESCO heritage site has to offer.
I absolutely agree that an overnight stay in the national park will bring you a great deal of excitement to your vacation. I know people who visited there time and time again but still, they want to go back there once again to discover something new.

Children should be always be supervised. There are so many hidden cliff edges in the national park so, always stay on the track.

Always carry a bottle of water and snacks for an emergency.

Things to do and see in The Blue Mountains

During my Eastern Australia trip, I have explored The Blue Mountains National park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the best destinations from Sydney. I am sharing a few my experience with here.

My First Stop – Wentworth Falls and Lookouts

On my way to the Blue Mountains, my 1st stop at Wentworth Falls and lookouts area. Adjacent to the parking lot I checked out the lookout before heading towards the popular Wentworth falls and magnificent Jamison Valley. This is well worth taking a short but steep hike through the bushes to view the water of Wentworth Falls plunging 100m to the valley floor.

A view of Blue Mountains from the lookout
A view of Blue Mountains from the lookout
Wentworth Falls
Wentworth Falls in Blue Mountains

Next Stop – Scenic World – Scenic Railway

A Short drive from Wentworth Falls I arrived at the Scenic World, where I parked my car and explored the Scenic World. Scenic railway from the Scenic World and explore the picturesque rainforest and the remains of the Katoomba coal mine down under. The thrilling incline of a 52 deg is an exciting experience.

Scenic World Railway
Taking the Scenic World Railway

Scenic World Skyway

From the Scenic World take the cable car from the west to the east skyway station next to Prince Henry Cliff Walk and Cliff View Lookout. The ride is picturesque crossing over the wilderness deep down below and the Kedumba River.

Scenic World Railway in Blue Mountains
Scenic World Railway in Blue Mountains

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Once you get off the Scenic World cabal car, the Prince Henry Cliff Lookout is right there, enjoy the beautiful view of the Blue Mountains from there. From there a great idea to take the beautiful walk along Prince Henry Cliff Walk heading towards Echo Point. On your way, you will have the opportunity to stop by at Wollumai Lookout, Allambie Lookout, and Lady Darley’s Lookout.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk in Katoomba

Visit Echo Point

If you like to take a closer took at the Three Sisters, then Echo Point lookout is the best outlooks in the Blue Mountains. It is located on the rugged edge of magnificent Jamison Valley surrounded by hiking trails and fabulous lookouts; some are adjacent to the car park.

Echo Point lookout
Echo Point lookout in Blue Mountains

Katoomba Cascades

A hidden off-track road will lead you down to this small waterfall, an easy walk from Echo Point and Scenic World. The fall is at its peak after heavy rain, one of the best places in the national park.

Multiple cascades of upper section of Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales near Sydney Australia

Must See Katoomba Falls

A short scenic walk through the dense rainforest will lead you to this segmented waterfall with dramatic scenes of Jamison Valley.

The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Visit Narrow Neck Lookout

The scenic views of the Jamison and Megalong valleys are best seen from Narrow Neck Lookout. A view from this lookout you should not miss.

Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

Honeymoon Lookout

A short and easy stroll from Echo Point to Honeymoon Lookout through the beautiful eucalyptus wilderness passing through a string of memorable views is something you should not miss during your trip.

Blue Mountains, Australia

Kiah Lookout Bridal Veil Falls and Leura Cascades

You can’t miss visiting Kiah Lookout not that far from Honeymoon lookout, and then from there take the downhill pathway towards the bottom of lovely Leura Cascades. Once you are at the base of the waterfall follow the sign that says Bridal Veil Falls. This is a great side trip but pretty difficult to climb those metal stairways up and down.

Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Visit Lincoln’s Rock Lookout

This is one of the lookouts where locals come for their wedding day photos taken here, so it is also well known as Wedding Rock and also Honeymoon Rock. From here you will be able to view the ever-changing colorful view of Jamison Valley

Lincoln's Rock Lookout
Lincoln's Rock Lookout in Blue Mountains

Where To Stay In The Blue Mountains

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My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Blue Mountains? Any cool tips to share?

I loved being to this Fairy tail country and want to go back again. Hope my story have motivated you to visit. 

Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you to improve my knowledge. 

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Road to The Blue Mountains - Map of Places of Interest

Road Trip to The Blue Mountains from Sydney. Here are a couple of interesting stops on the way as well as places of interest in the National Park.

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