Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia is about 22 miles (36 km) west of the beautiful coastal town of Kalbarri and 84 miles (136 km) north of Geraldton Airport (GET) and about 290 miles (570 km) from Perth. The park surrounds the Murchison River, where it meets the Indian Ocean with great 50 miles (80 km) gorge through the red and white bent sandstone to create scenic formation such as The Loop, Hawks Head, Z-Bend, and Nature’s Window. Kalbarri National Park is a perfect stop for Western Australia’s Coral Coast trippers that stretches from Turquoise in the south to the Exmouth in the north.

Nature's Window Kalbarri National Park
Nature’s Window Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri is a special place for the Nanda Aboriginal people, as it has been for thousands of years. Today, the Nanda people welcome visitors who respect the cultural and natural heritage of Kalbarri National Park.

Wildlife in Kalbarri National Park
Wildlife in Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

How to Get to Kalbarri National Park

By Car

By road, it takes around 6-7 hours from Perth to Kalbarri, but it took me long since, at midway, I stopped at The Pinnacles of Nambung National Park and made frequent stops to enjoy the breathtaking scenes on the Indian Ocean Drive.

Indian Ocean Drive
Renal Car I was driving – Indian Ocean Drive

By Air

The nearest commercial airport to Kalbarri National Park is Geraldton Airport (GET), about 84 miles (36 km), and flying time is close to 1 hour from Perth. Check here for the cheapest flight. A rental car is available from this airport, so an excellent idea if you want to avoid the Kalbarri’s long drive from Perth.

Best Time To Visit

Most travelers visit the park during the summer months of December to May, but it could be a very hot place during the day. However, if you want to enjoy the famous wildflower season, the best time to visit is between September to October. Autumn is also the right time to watch humpback whale migration.

Places in Kalbarri National Park

Loop / Natures Window

Close to the parking lot, there are shaded seating areas and walking trails to the excellent lookout. The geological wealth of the area is charming. The thinly embedded, red, and white lined rocks through most of the river gorge were accumulated millions of years ago on tidal flats. Rippled surfaces can be seen around Nature’s Window.

The Loop from the lookout
The Loop from the lookout

Nature’s Window

This iconic attraction is a wind-eroded opening in the layered sandstone that frames the Murchison River’s view. It is a moderate, one-kilometer return walk beginning with a step of stairs from the car park’s lookout. View or the gorge is excellent, some of the areas are rocky, and rocks can be fragile; therefore, visitors need to take extra care in and around the window.

Nature’s Window, Kalbarri National Park, WA

Z Bend Lookout and Trail

From the parking lot a moderately easy wak to the Z Bend Lookout for a spectacular view of the sharp bend in the Murchison River. The lookout is a popular toust spot in the park.

Visitors with a good level of fitness can hike 2.6 km (return) The Z Bend River Trail to access the river but is steep descents and ladder climbs are difficult. Hikers need to take extreme care for the loose rocks and gorge risk areas.

Z Bend – Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Hawks Head

Hawk’s Head Lookout is a spectacular viewpoint that provides stunning views of the Kalbarri Gorges and Murchison River—named in honor of hawk shaped rock formation visible from the lookout. There are covered picnic areas and toilet facilities with wheelchair access available here.

A view of Hawks Head, Westeran Australia

The Ross Graham Lookout

The Ross Graham Lookout presents outstanding views of the Murchison River Gorge, a picnic shelter, and toilet facilities. Take the hiking trail and explore the shady banks and serene pools of the Murchison River below.

Graham Lookout, a special place for the Nanda Aboriginal People

Where To Stay

Since there is no camping within Kalbarri National Park so the best place for an overnight stay in the nearest beautiful coastal town of Kalbarri about 22 miles (36 km) west. The town itself is a tourist destination for the breathtaking coastline, watersport, and fishing.

Aerial view of confluence of Murchison river with Indian ocean at Kalbarri, Australia

For those staying overnight in Kalbarri

Gecko Lodge Kalbarri, 9 Glass Street, Kalbarri 

Gecko Lodge Kalbarri is a romantic, adults-only bed and breakfast place located just 5 minutes’ walk from the beautiful coastline and Murchison River. The property features an outdoor swimming pool and a private bathroom with a double spa bath or double shower, a BBQ area, and a contemporary kitchen.

Kalbarri Palm Resort, 8 Porter St, Kalbarri

Kalbarri Palm Resort is Just a 10-minute walk from beach swimming, fishing, and pelican feeding, Golden Chain Kalbarri Palm Resort features 2 pools, a hot tub, and a tennis court all set on extensive gardens and located at the point where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean.

My Opinion and Last Word

Have you been to Kalbarri National Park? Any cool tips to share?

I loved being to this country down under and want to go back again. Hope my story has motivated you to visit Australia. 

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