My trip to Cairo and Pyramids

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My trip to Cairo and Pyramids


The pyramids at Giza tower above the sand at the edge of Cairo.

Pyramids at Giza built Four thousand years ago, just imagine two million stones, two tons each, carved, transported, and then stacked high…all so a king could take his stuff into the next life.


First time in my life I am sitting on a Camel back, imagine the feelings!

In my first week in Egypt, I have noticed that most of the great ancient sites were wide open there were few tourists and presence of police guards standing by. You could tell by seeing the Giza parking lots, once filled with big tour buses, are now empty. Looks like those travelers interested in cultural  sites that are most of anyone’s lifetime bucket list like Giza Pyramids, Monuments and temples of Luxor, Abu Simbel etc..are no where to find. Even my fellow countryman are pretty susceptible to scary TV coverage.


My Trip to Cairo and exciting camel ride through the Desert. It was a hot summer day and Sun was stronger then ever. It was a memorable day of my life.


I have taken a guided private tour through the hotel, a nice fellow picked me up with a car that may scare you but to me that one was the perfect fit for the chaotic streets of ancient Cairo. He was with me all day and drove me around all possible places that are not only on my list but also recommended by him.


It was little scary to go inside the 4,000 year old tunnel, the spectacle and wonder of Egypt’s ancient sights is even more apparent when you are deep inside a pyramid and no one around you.


Inside the 4,000 year old pyramid

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